Exploding Silos

Exploding Silos — chris on June 2, 2010 at 4:15 pm

“Exploding Silos” is a series of paintingsĀ  that show an agricultural system at the point of breakdown. The fleshy pink explosions emanating from the grain silosĀ  are applied with thick impasto. They were first shown at Three Walls in San Antonio in February 2010.

"Exploding Silos" graphite, sprayaint, acrylic, enamel on panel"Exploding Silos III" acrylic, latex, enamel on panel

"Exploding Silo V" acrylic, spray paint, enamel on panel

"Exploding Silos II" spray paint, acrylic, enamel, graphite on panel

"Exploding Silo II" graphite, spray paint, latex, acrylic, enamel on panel

"Exploding Silo III" acrylic, latex, enamel, spraypaint on panel


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